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Where are my data hosted?

We recommend that PiiVO in SaaS mode is hosted in the Cloud. But you can also install PiiVO on your own servers. Contact us to discuss a solution adapted to your infrastructure.

Can I retrieve my data?

Yes! You can import and export your PiiVO data in Excel, CVS or XML formats whenever you want.

Can I connect PiiVO to my other software?

Yes! PiiVO has multiple native connectors (InDesign, Magento, WordPress, …) and its drive allows it to be connected to anything thanks to its APIs.

Is PiiVO multilingual?

All of your languages can be managed and configured to the user.

Can my suppliers connect to PiiVO?

Manage the life cycle of your products and open your PiiVO to your suppliers and agencies thanks to a mass expansion module.

How much does PiiVO cost?

Contact us to talk about your project. We will propose a solution adapted to your needs and your budget.

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