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PiiVO In-Store publishing

The ergonomic solution for generating your shop signage quickly.
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Generating signage from a product reference
Generating mass signage, for an entire range or a commercial operation
Creating centralised templates from data connected to your information systems in real time

Tool features and strong points

Templates are centralized and blocked by the marketing powerhouse, with a possible personalization in outlets.

Its benefits:


The graphic charter is applied and uniform at all outlets.
Time saving for the sellers who doesn’t make infographics.
Instantly generate your ILV in unit or in mass for a whole shop department or a commercial operation, through an ergonomic designed for the retail outlets.

Its benefits:


Time saving for the sellers
Revitalization of the retail outlet and its departments
Decrease to time-to-market of promotional display
Generate ILV for printing or digital solutions.

Its benefits:


The graphic charter is uniform on a whole communication channels.
Web solution into the cloud.

Its benefits:


Simple and instant deployment.
Simplified technical support.
Recovery of products information, images and prices in real time thanks to API at your company repositories.

Its benefits :


ILV’s creation in real time.
Product information is always up-to-date.
No duplication of data.
Infrastructure costs and maintenance are decreased.
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