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Digital Asset Management

Retailer, e-retailer, small, medium or large company… Offer your customers a qualitative and seamless brand experience thanks to PiiVO DAM, the scalable and powerful platform to manage all your media and product visuals.
Discover Thomas’s experience in video!

The DAM has become an essential tool in today's business

photo Guillaume Kozak - Piivo DAM

Guillaume KOZAK
Business and development
director of  PiiVO

Because we live in a world of images, photos, videos,
illustrations, pictograms… the need for retailers and e-retailers to get control of this data, which is vital to their business, has become mandatory. 

This is a sine qua non for agility in the marketing of products and services, even though the challenge is to shorten the time to market and publish deadlines for visual media, which are essential supports
for commercial activity.

Gathering images from suppliers, managing large volumes, categorisation, quality control and rights management, research, sharing with agencies, multichannel distribution…

Collecting images from suppliers, managing large volumes, categorisation, quality control and rights management, research, sharing with agencies, multi-channel distribution… so many time-consuming tasks and potentially error-prone steps that the tool allows you to rationalise and increase reliability.

With PiiVO DAM, we have developed specific features for retailers and e-traders, so that the solution lets them become more efficient, work faster and ultimately become more productive.

For users, it’s also the opportunity to tackle various tedious and unrewarding tasks to concentrate on designing communication campaigns, for instance, in order to drive sales and growth in their company.

PiiVO DAM, what benefits ?



Sorted, qualified, controlled: your images meet all the technical and legal communication criteria, as well as reflecting your signature image, to strengthen your brand identity with the audience and guarantee the consistency of your communications
illustration trie de visuels simplifié
Seamless integration of third-party systems for checking and classifying media (Artificial Intelligence)
Validation workflow
Automated identification and classification.



By cross-referencing all the information related to your images with all the Real-time linking of media with your information systems (via API) systems and repositories of your company (ERP, PIM, OPECOM…), you have easy access to fresh, complete and accurate data.
Illustration solution DAM
Real-time linking of media with your information systems (via API)
Attachment and management of contextualized media to the product file, in connection with the PIM
Search by cross-checking media and product information.



By accelerating time-to-market, PiiVO DAM allows you to quickly send product images to your distribution channels, and more specifically to your e-commerce site, thus accelerating the marketing process and sales!
Illustration partage et mise à jour de visuels facile et rapide
Export workflow on different sales channels (site, catalogues, stores, etc.)
High-availability media
Specific and automatic media processing per broadcast channel
Media lifecycle management (product dereferencing, image rights…).



Specifically designed for retailers and e-traders, the PIIVO DAM solution is capable of searching, validating, sorting and sending any volume of images and information at a glance
illustration partage de création rapide, facile et en ligne
Powerful search engine
Mass media enrichment
Versioning, image comparison, video chaptering, 3D, etc
Task workflow and sharing with third parties, user rights management.



Connecting to the tool via the cloud gives access to all functionalities regardless of the number of users connected simultaneously and the location where the teams are, at the office, away from home or working remotely.
Partage de creation avec Piivo
SaaS application in the cloud
Works simply on the web browser
Simplified implementation
Unlimited uses and users
Multilingual and can be used across the world.

PiiVO DAM, source of multiple ROI !

The automation of tedious sorting, search and image management tasks allows your marketing teams to invest their energy in in their core business of sales animation and communication. This increased productivity leads to numerous gains :

Time savings for store teams who recuperate available time for sale
Brand identity and image signature respected and reinforced
Faster time-to-market : online and updated product data sheet more quickly
Volumetrics of managed media : expansion of the catalogue of products sold
Growth of the company’s turnover.
illustration croissance du chiffre d'affaire

PiiVO DAM, advanced features whatever your budget

Two customisable workflow, to adapt to your company and your needs:




Accessible version without customization
Simplified and rapid setting
Scalable media volumetrics
Five users
Support service included.




Version can be customized
Customized setup and workflow
Unlimited media volume
Unlimited number of users
Dedicated support service.

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