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‘A significant economic gain’


From the start, PiiVO moved Leroy-Merlin from the era of slides to digital archiving for the 7,000 images taken each year. Our collaboration has since developed and PiiVO allows our brand to optimise all of its communication via images. PiiVO allows the participants, such as the partners (external, agencies…) to be autonomous (internally, in shops…), and to create a network with these tools. The main added value is therefore the transversal collaboration of the different services which generates a significant economic gain and allows commercial operations to be established ‘at lightning speed’ in extremely short timeframes.


Rénald DUFLOT – Art purchasing & IT projects manager

Client Piivo - Logo Bricoman



‘A foundation for our future R&D projects’


Before choosing PiiVO, we tested 4 manufacturing assistance tools for our publications. Thanks to its modularity, PiiVO responds to our atypical organisation and adapts to our media plan and the structure of our company. Its transversality enables the unique input of data for all of our multi-channel communications (web, mobile, catalogue, posters…). The transition was very easy: our document base could be conveniently integrated in its entirety with one click. And thanks to the advanced interface to satisfy even those resistant to technology, the training for new collaborators is very easy.

Tony LAVALARD – Communication manager



‘Reliable and enabling’


Piivo allowed us to automate our editorial production process. We simply add to the product content depending on the publication in which it has to be (texts, taglines, visuals, prices, promos, logos, pictures…) and the smallest modification is automatically made to all of the media. We have thus got rid of the price errors and loss of information from one medium to another which translates to a certain gain in time and money: no more stopping printing machines, less paper in production, etc. PiiVO is reliable and enabling; and it allows everyone to face their responsibilities.


Sandrine LIQUARD – Communication manager

Logo Domoti



‘Increase the number of signs’


Today, PiiVO is completely integrated into the DOMOTI information system, for PIM, DAM and multichannel organisation, production and distribution. PiiVO allowed us to increase the number of signs, pages produced and promotional documents. Transversality is more advanced and therefore quicker between services thanks to the interactive interface dedicated to all essential information and to the publishing participants; at each stage.


Régis D’ARTOIS Ludivine CAPELLE – Publications and e-commerce managers

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