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Retail Innovation: PiiVO POSter reinvents markup …


Retail Innovation: PiiVO POSter reinvents markup …

… or when techno combines time-to-market and brand vision!

In the jungle of software solutions offered by all editors, it isn’t always easy to distinguish between commercial gadgets and real innovation… With POSter – developed with and for retailers – the PiiVO company offers the fastest and easiest software application on the market to automatically generate all product displays and signage in shops. As a bonus, it offers an ROI promise that satisfies both managers and users.

Commercial reactivity, seasonal promotions, destocking, sales, etc. In-store displays are constantly being challenged, adapted and modified in response to market and consumer evolution. For the teams on site, department heads, merchandising managers, and also for the marketing departments of the parent companies, there is a constant renewal of communication materials to be designed, printed and implemented. These are time-consuming and tedious tasks that often take up the advisors’ time to the detriment of sales.


Team productivity

To design solutions adapted to the reality of the terrain, the Belgian company PiiVO, partner of major retail players in the North of France such as Leroy Merlin, Bricoman, Boulanger or Intersport, has completely integrated this imperative need to follow the rhythm of time-to-market. When you know that Leroy Merlin, for example, produces more than 4 million price tags per year for its store, at a rate of 2 to 13 minutes to develop a tag, the calculation is quickly made: each minute saved means equivalent additional presence on the point of sale.
With PiiVO POSter, no more time wasted for the store teams: thanks to its specific ergonomics, the markups are edited in less than a minute. This has a major impact on productivity and is a real strategic asset, as highlighted by Lydéric Fovez, application domain manager at Leroy Merlin: “The time freed up for the sales advisor or the employee in charge of signage allows the shop to refocus on the human and relationship-building towards the customer, and therefore distinguish itself from our pure player competitors.


Quality of the information produced

Easy to use and requiring almost no training for users during deployment, the tool also ensures avoiding mistakes in the choice of information used. It’s a comfort but above all, a guarantee of accuracy and consistency of the information presented to customers.
The product data is drawn automatically and in real-time from the company’s reference databases via API. From PIM, DAM, and pricing tools with no duplication, they are always complete and up to date. For a customer who prepares their purchases by consulting a retailer’s website, it is an additional convenience to find their offers on the shelf when they come to the shop, with the same visuals, the same product information and the same price!
To achieve this result, there is no need to rethink the existing IT systems. On the contrary, as Lydéric Fovez explains: “The tool doesn’t manage our repository data, which was an important IT architecture principle for us. The integration is simple and doesn’t create dependencies between our software blocks because the tool feeds directly into one or the other. With no additional input or duplication, it simply does what it is expected to do, which is the markup for our shops. And it does it well!”


Reinforcement of the brand image

It’s simple but important because the added value is not only derived from the quality of the information. Beyond this obvious aspect for the trade, we are dealing here with the brand image of the retailers. By respecting the graphic identity and all the brand codes, PiiVO POSter brings a coherence that consolidates the presence and the legibility of in-store communication. These are all elements that build trust between a brand and its customers and help reach the hallowed multi-channel consistency sought by all retailers.


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